Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kebenaran Tentang Anjing Yang Dipanah

Baru-baru ni kita tengok kat laman sosial banyak yang share gambar lelaki berbaju melayu berkopiah telah memanah seekor anjing. So ini kebenaran tentang anjing ini.

kat bawah ni adalah progress anjing yang kena panah tersebut..

 The dog is with us now and has been named Brianna which means strong. We will be admitting her at our regular vet after she is given a tick bath tomorrow. We made some startling discoveries as soon as we brought her back.

1) She is an old dog and we estimate her to be 12 or above given that she has lost some of her teeth.

2) She is blind or partially blind and that is why she was wandering around without knowing where to go. That is also why she just stood there while the man was shooting arrows at her. She must have gone to his house upon hearing voices there as we also found her to be starving. 

3) She appears to have hip dysplasia and that is another reason she could not run.

4) She is extremely good natured unless there is food around, again because she is blind and afraid someone may steal her food.

We will be admitting her soon as we suspect she may have tick fever or blood parasite infection due to the large number of ticks on her. We sincerely need your help in order to help her. Herewith our financial transaction details: 

Community Development and
Integration Initiative Bhd
Pbb 3151793708

Cheques can be posted to
51 Jalan SS 7/16
47301 Petaling Jaya

Paypal account :
[email protected]

Apa salah anjing ni sehinggakan nak memanah bagai? anjing pun makhluk Allah jugak....shame on u human...

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